Psalm 136 is a very interesting chapter in the Bible. I recommend you go read it. It’s unique because there isn’t another chapter in the Bible that repeats a phrase as often as this one. The reminder that “His love endures forever” appears in all 26 verses of this chapter. Do you think that God might be trying to tell you something when He says it 26 times in a row?

It’s interesting to me as I read this chapter because I don’t usually read “His love endures forever” every single verse. I just read through the first line of each verse and note that phrase is in each one. It’s amazing how similar that is to my own life. I know that God’s love is there for me, every single day in every single situation, yet I don’t pay attention or focus on that. I focus on all of the other things that might be going on. This chapter encourages me because the entire thing is just a reminder of God’s love, and what He has done in history up to that point for His people.

It’s so easy to forget all that God has done in my own life. Unless I sit down and think about it, it doesn’t really ever cross my mind just how much He has impacted my life. Just how many struggles, hurts, pains, and addictions He has helped me to overcome. Writing a chapter like this for yourself is a great reminder you could read every day so you never forget just how much God loves you. Think back and go through all the victories God has given you, all the miracles He has worked in your life. You’ll be amazed when you stop and think about just how much He has done.

More importantly, never forget how much God loves you. Even if I mess up, God’s loves endures forever. Even when I give into sin, God’s love endures forever. Even when I make poor decisions, God’s love endures forever. Even when I turn away from Him, God’s love endures forever. Even when I’m selfish, prideful, envious, lustful, greedy, or angry, God’s love endures forever. And that fact is true for you as well. No matter what, God’s love for you endures forever.