Today is a wonderful day. It is even called “good” by nature. Today marks when Jesus died for me, for you, for everyone. It’s the day He took all of the judgment for our sins. It’s the day He took our rightful place, and saved us. He redeemed us so that we could spend an eternity in heaven with Him. It’s a day we call good Friday because it signifies the best gift anyone could ever receive.

Yet, what I always think of on Good Friday, is that on the original one, the day Jesus died, it wasn’t that good to everyone who was close to Him. To the disciples and His followers, it was a day they saw someone they believed in crucified. His family and friends saw Him die. This man that so many had put their hope in, was dead. People still didn’t realize what was happening until He came back from the dead three days later. All they saw that day was that He was crucified.

I see this so often in my own life. That I focus only on today, right now. I don’t look forward to how God might be using it for good. Despite the fact that He has used countless moments in my life that seem bad for something greater. When I’m actually in the midst of some kind of hurt, or pain, or struggle, I don’t see how there is anything good about it.

I want to encourage you today to focus on what God has done in your life already, especially those of you who might be dealing with some rough times. In the moment, it might never seem good. It might seem miserable, it might seem like God betrayed His promises to you, it might seem like the hurt will never go away, it might seem like nothing good could ever come from something so bad that is happening right now. If you’re in that spot, I want to challenge you to remember why good Friday is so good. It’s because God took something that, to all of the people on that day, seemed awful. In reality, it was God saving every single one of their lives by sacrificing His Son for us.

Maybe you’re in a moment that seems like there could never be anything good that could come from it, but God promises that He works all things together for good (Romans 8:28). God sees the whole picture, He saw the resurrection, and He sees your future and how the bad things can lead to amazing things. I know that I’ve seen that in my own life. So spend some time this weekend reflecting on what the Easter story means to you, personally. And most importantly, spend some time with God, thanking Him for the sacrifice He offered two thousand years ago.