Getting into shape is difficult. I know that I would absolutely love to wake up one day and be in perfect physical shape. That’s not how it happens though. If I want to get into shape, I have to workout and exercise, I have to eat healthy, and it’s not gonna happen if I do those things for one day. It has to be a constant, daily effort to focus on healthy food options rather than delicious chocolatey ones. A daily effort to get up and exercise rather than to sit down and play video games or watch TV all day. It’s the same way in our walk with Christ. Notice it’s called a walk with Christ, because you’re not supposed to be sitting down and doing nothing. It is a daily commitment to choose the healthy option of following God, rather than the unhealthy one of following myself and the world.

I really would be excited if all of a sudden I was in great physical shape, but I find myself less excited as I get into better spiritual shape. It’s easy for me to get more excited about things like losing weight, getting good grades, getting a raise, or things that are more tangible. I find myself celebrating less often when God works with me so that I don’t get angry as quickly as I used to. Sure, things like work and school are important, but they aren’t going to shape your eternity. Following God will.

Perhaps you need to work on your spiritual diet so you can get in better shape spiritually. Maybe instead of having one big meal of God a week on Sunday mornings, you should have little snacks with Him throughout each day. You might need food and water to live, but if you truly want to live, you need God. You need constant time with Him. He is far more important than anything else you can do today.