Fighting sin and temptation is a constant struggle. It’s a daily struggle. Sometimes a sin can seem completely unappealing to you at first. It can look like nothing you would ever want to take part in, but then it begins to chip away. A temptation can keep at you until you’re tired of saying no, tired of fighting it, and instead decide to just give in. In Judges 14:17 and 16:16, Samson is a victim to this. The women in his life pressed him and nagged him until he revealed his secrets to them.

I can see sin being that way in my own life. I can be resisting it fine at first, but then day after day it keeps tempting me. Eventually I’ll say “I’m tired of fighting this constant temptation, I’ll just give in to it so I can quit being bothered by it.” This is especially true in addictions that I’m trying to overcome. I’ll resist it for a while, then get tired of the constant fight and just give in. That can’t be the way that we live though. For Samson, it eventually cost him his life by giving in to Delilah’s nagging. In the same way, it will cost us our own lives if we give into sin when it continually tempts us (which it always will). Perhaps not physically, but spiritually it will kiss us.

God will always forgive us, but that’s not an excuse to sin. He will never give us more than we can handle. He will always provide us with the strength needed to withstand temptation. We have to be willing to rely on His power and not our own though. The next time you’re being tempted by that sin that never seems to go away or leave you alone, just stop and pray and remind yourself of the power of God, and that He is always with you. Remind yourself that His strength will never give up, no matter how much nagging and constant irritation a temptation might be giving you.