When was the last time you stopped and thought about how bad your sin is? I know I tend to not think about it. I don’t want to think about just how ugly it is…How ugly it makes me. The fact is that we all sin. That sin separates us from God. He is completely holy and righteous, there is no way He could ever be near us when our sin makes us so unholy and filthy. That’s what the cross was for.

Have you thought about what Jesus did for you recently? Not in passing while you do communion at church, but really thought about it? Jesus suffered for your sin. He endured the most miserable death you could imagine. He was beaten, whipped, had nails driven into his hands and feet, and then very slowly died of suffocation. As if that weren’t enough, He took the weight of everyone’s sin on that cross. My sin, your sin, the entire world’s: past, present, and future. God’s wrath, his just judgment of sin poured out on Jesus on that cross. Jesus suffered more than anyone could ever imagine, just for you and me.

Yet how do we treat sin? I treat it as nothing most of the time. I’ll sin, and then I’ll go to God and passively say that I’m sorry and ask forgiveness. How can that be my mindset? Sin is serious. It is not something trivial we can shrug off because I’ve sinned a million of other times. My sin is something I need to go to God and beg His forgiveness for, not say a little prayer and barely mean it. Sin separates us from God. It creates a gap that we could never fill. Jesus came to earth and suffered the most agonizing death imaginable to get us back to God.

Please, spend some time reflecting on what sin really looks like. Don’t look at it lightly so that you can feel better about whatever things you might be doing. Understand how hugely serious sin is, and by doing that, you’ll see even more how much God loves you. That He is willing to forgive anything that’s been done, that He was willing to sacrifice His Son so that we could spend eternity with Him. Our sin might be big, but God’s love and mercy is so much bigger.